If your activism isn’t for everybody, then it isn’t really for anybody.

As a movement, we look out for groups and causes that continue to stand up for the lives of fellow young people on a daily basis. We believe that mental health isn’t a vacuum issue and hence support the likes of Extinction Rebellion, Street Kitchen and Pride.

Many of our mental health campaigns overlap with the work that grassroot groups, local charities and organisations do. These groups often have a direct and immediate impact on their local communities, in a way that many larger establishments and institutions often fail to do.

We believe in the spirit of solidarity.

If you are a group or an organisation whose work might be of interest to the many young people who support us or build on the work we currently do, please feel free to contact us.

We want to show our support to incredible causes and work with groups committed to addressing the dignity and wellbeing of young people, wherever we can.