• Take a photo (group or individual) holding up a sheet explaining why #ItMatters to you. Your reason can be cheerful, a statistic, a personal story or about an issue relevant to mental health.

  • Post it on your social media and tag us in it

  • Nominate others to join the campaign!


How it began…

Young people are belittled as “lazy, entitled snowflakes”. While the media have chosen to side against us in their culture wars, the serious issues of financial instability, a perfectionist education system, manipulative social media mechanisms and social inequality are conveniently being ignored.

We decided to challenging the media narrative surrounding young people and mental health by speaking for ourselves. Young people would post pictures of themselves telling why “#ItMatters” to them, tagging one another to do the same. This sparked a viral chain of visual activity on various social media platforms (see examples above). We in ItMatters believe that visual campaigns shouldn’t just be done because it’s trendy or easy to do, rather explore issues and give voices agency.

The diverse participation and reach of our visual campaign helped challenge stereotypes, particularly from those coming from black and Asian communities, that ‘depression is just for white people’. With continued visibility, we believe that our campaign can effectively change attitudes towards mental health.