Be the change


Why does it matter?

In 2018, the number of young people taking their lives hit its highest rate in fourteen years. Self-harm among teenage girls had risen by over 68% within three years. Mental health support in Universities was at a crisis.

To read these statistics is one thing, to live through it is another. We have seen too many brilliant young people lose their lives to stigma and mental illness. Friends have suffered in silence and families have been shattered.

A lethal combination of social media, unrealistic pressures in our education system and deeply entrenched structural inequalities have paved the way for this crisis. Meanwhile, the stigma, attitudes and policies that have contributed to this generation’s plight have conveniently been ignored.

We believe that young people have been routinely denied agency and unfairly represented in the media. By using social media, a platform that has typically damaged young people’s mental health, we hope to reclaim our voices.

We want to empower fellow young people to raise awareness about mental health through creative media.


We want to create content that transforms attitudes and changes people’s lives.

We want to support young creatives in the making of such incredible content that not only raise awareness in both an effective and sensitive way, but also make incredible impact.

Too often, mental illness is an ‘abstract concept’ and ignorance is left unchallenged. This has to change.


We want to empower young people directly by increasing their engagement on mental health through digital and creative media.

We want to reclaim our voices, as well as champion the Arts. By promoting young creator content that explores mental health in a myriad number of perspectives, we feel that such progress can be made.

Too often, the campaigning world fails to represent our diverse demographic. We will be using our social media platforms to overcome barriers of class, race and geographical location, while organically creating an authentic and representative body of voices.


We want to see change not just on an individual level, but on a wider level as well.

We want to generate campaigns that achieve precisely that.

We work with leading young mental health campaigners to help change attitudes, as well as the system. By championing young campaigners and celebrating young creatives, we create a network for the next generation of radical change.