By Carys Francis

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit


Mental Health. It’s a complicated term. It means something different to every person. But to me, it’s one of the most important things we can be educated about. In my small town in the South Wales Valleys, 1 in 3 people - which equates to almost 2500 people in total - are on some form of antidepressants, and even more are diagnosed with a form of anxiety, yet the stigma around the people are still as ripe as ever. It’s still as hard to admit your struggling as it was 30 years ago, and so many people that haven't had a personal experience with a mental health problem look down upon those who do. Around the school I attend, I hear so many people degrading comments made towards/about those with mental illnesses, and so much gossip surrounding this issue. So, why do I think #ItMatters?

In a town where such a high number of occupants have a mental health issue, how is it so hard to discuss this? I had never heard the term ‘mental illness’ until I was in year 8, and didn't know about any mental health issues until I was diagnosed with one! This further proves my point of how important being educated on mental health is. How many other young people suffer from these feelings of anxiety, yet have no way of explaining them?

Luckily, my generation are slowly becoming much more open and considerate of emotional wellbeing. We are beginning to get more access to mental health services such as free counselling in schools for all pupils,.

So this, to me, is why #ItMatters.


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