Photo source: Abrahart family

Photo source: Abrahart family

8th March 2019

On 30th April 2018, Natasha Abrahart, a talented physics student at the University of Bristol, who enjoyed indoor climbing and baking cakes, was found dead in her room. The 20 year old’s death would contribute to an alarming rise in suspected student suicides at Bristol, and indeed in the nation as a whole.

News would soon suggest that the authorities might have been able to prevent her death. Meanwhile, her family, already devastated by their loss, were left to spend their life savings to meet the £70,000 bill needed for her inquest.

Suicide is the biggest killer of 5-19 year olds in the U.K. #ItMatters because bereaved families deserve better. #ItMatters because schools and universities should see better mental health support as a duty, rather than a burden. #ItMatters because the system is broken.

We will fight until that changes.