1st  July 2018

Our creative team involved in the OLLIE project were enjoying the heatwave, as they attended St Albans Film Festival. As well as being shortlisted for ‘Best Main Short Film’, the film was also shown before every film screening to raise as much awareness as possible.

Amy De Castillo, teenage recipient of the Diana Award, was one of the festivalgoers who saw the awareness film when it was screened. Her tweet was as follows:

Finished Photo 1.jpg
This has been a challenging and emotional, yet incredibly rewarding experience that I doubt I shall ever forget. It’s a story that I believe touches all - a call for friends to recognise and voice concern over their friends’ silent anguish and for those suffering to realise that they are not alone.
— Giles Holland, DP & Co-writer
The important thing to convey was that ‘this could be anyone’. While the film deals with a myriad of different issues, I felt it was important not to tell the audience what to think but to allow them to form their own conclusions, connections with each character and circumstance. The key thing was to give the audience a sense of Ollie’s struggle: Should he tell his friend about how he’s feeling, or should he not. From there, an audience can make their own associations.
— Colin Holland, Director and Co-producer