We believe that young people have routinely been denied agency and unfairly represented by the media. Meanwhile, the stigma, attitudes and policies that have contributed to this generation’s plight have conveniently been ignored.

We say enough is enough.


When the adults fail, it’s up to us to sort it out.



The #SaveOurStudents petition, headed up by ItMatters champion Ben West and Project Walk to Talk, is pressuring the Government to make mental health first aid training compulsory in all schools. We are proud to be supporting this campaign.

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“Girls” - A powerful tune by Cardboard Girl

The emerging teenage YouTuber, Cardboard Girl, has won over hearts and minds with her beautifully honest yet heartwarmingly positive songs. Check out some of our favourites!

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Jamala Osman - Spiralling into Control

One of Jamala Osman’s greatest passions is music, which she believes helped her turn her life around. Jamala says, "I love the work #ItMatters is doing. As someone who performs spoken word and rap, young people should feel empowered to talk about mental health."

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Is self-harm what you think it is?

"Secrecy doesn't give you power; secrecy makes you sick"

The rates of self-harm among British teenagers have sky-rocketed in the last few years. Contrary to popular depiction, ‘self-harm’ doesn’t have to be ‘teenage girls cutting themselves’. In this brave video, #ItMatters champion Marie Senechal, talks about the devastating effects of self-harm and busts the myths surrounding it.

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Imagine a place where you could explore young people’s creative works on mental health without end. Imagine a place where music, poetry and film could blissfully meet to make something extraordinary…

We look forward to launching Canvas, which aims to do precisely that!